Food Review: Vegetable Sandwiches!

You've heard the advice to have at least one vegetarian meal a week. In Windsor you are spoilt for choices on options and it makes it extra easy to go veggie at lunchtime. Here are some of my veggie lunches I've had recently to help celebrate #Nationalvegetarianweek.  One. Provolone and Balsamic Vinegar from Waitrose. This sandwich mainly … Continue reading Food Review: Vegetable Sandwiches!

A wander around Alnwick Castle & Garden

Alnwick Castle is a large and imposing castle with a curtain wall and central keep, and adjacent to it are impressive gardens which have recently been reworked at great expense. The castle was built in 1309 and has gone through the Percy family through generations, i.e. the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. Alnwick Castle gets … Continue reading A wander around Alnwick Castle & Garden